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Invention marketing companies offer to submit your independent product or idea to manufacturers in the United States for a fee of $10,000 to $20,000, but they only have a known success rate of less than .01 percent. These companies also have hundreds of complaints filed against them to the Federal Trade Commission because of their practices and the fact that their patent applications are often drafted by non-licensed people.


When you submit your patent or trademark with Lingbeck Patent Law, you'll get over 25 years of experience and knowledge working for you. We have access to manufacturers at no charge to you, and we can draft broad-scoped legal claims for your patent application.

Beware invention marketing companies

Other helpful information for your patent

  • Do not disclose your product or invention to a third party unless there is a Confidential Disclosure Agreement that the parties have entered into.

  • To establish a track record of sales for your product, you can find a manufacturer who will produce your product, have a distributor sell your product to retailers, or sell the product yourself to retailers.

  • Please note and record the first date of use and the first date of use across state lines for your trademark.

  • Letterheads and business cards for "service" marks, as well as packaging and product labels for "goods" marks are needed for filing a US trademark.

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